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We specialise in the art of helping clients become stronger, happier and injury-free making it easier to conquer sporting and physical challenges leading to a fuller, active and pain free life.

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We treat all age ranges and gain as much satisfaction out of fine tuning the best athletes as we do helping our older patients keep their independence and quality of life. At Philgood Rehabilitation we offer a unique professional and friendly service, in locations suitable for you, providing not only treatment but injury prevention through active rehabilitation. Treatment can be beneficial at the first sign of a problem and can stop a minor niggle developing into a major problem. Research has proven that people who seek treatment early after an injury have shorter recovery periods than those who wait.

There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to participate in a sport that you love. Our goal, using a variety of effective treatment techniques, is to get you back to sport or daily activities injury free. We aim to provide treatment to everybody on an individual basis, ensuring they are able to function comfortably for whatever the level of activity, whether it be work or play. We hope we can help. Best wishes,

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Sports Rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary approach to treating injuries, whether they arise from sporting activities or activities of daily living. The aim is to prevent injuries and to help those who are injured return to full fitness. This is accomplished by understanding the underlying cause and dealing with physical trauma of injury.

If left poorly functioning or unbalanced, your body’s muscles, joints or nerves start to change the way they work to constrain pain and dysfunction. However, these changes can only hold out for so long. If imbalances remain unaltered, the body’s adaptations can result in structural changes which become permanent, known as scar tissue. These changes are caused behind the ‘wear and tear’ that can permanently limit our enjoyment and ability to move.